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furnace repair calgary
Furnace repair calgary
furnace repair near me

Your trusted HVAC experts.

Heating, refrigeration and A/C done right.

Calgary's Best-Rated Furnace Repair & Installation

Five star rated HVAC services Calgary, google

HVAC experts you can trust

Google Guaranteed Service Provider

Local professionals are pre-screened, insured and verified.

You're guaranteed to get the job done right or Google pays you back.

Competitive Pricing

We keep a low overhead so you can keep more money in your wallet. No high pressure sales. Low price guarantee. Quote matching available.

Experts you can trust

At Airology, we care! We're a family business that takes pride in our work  — keeping your family warm and safe this winter. 

Yes! We do emergency furnace repair 24/7

✅ Furnace installation

✅ Furnace repair

✅ Emergency furnace repair

✅ HVAC installation

✅ System design & quoting

✅ HVAC maintenance

✅ Inspections

✅ Refrigerant leaks

Google reviews Calgary furnace repair

✅ Indoor air quality solutions

✅ Air purification & ventilation

✅ Thermostat troubleshooting

✅ Ductwork inspection, clean, repair and replace

✅ Energy efficiency upgrades

✅ Lower utility bills

✅ HVAC noise reduction

Furnace installation calgary

With 19 years of experience, Airology specializes in furnace repair, installation, and emergency services, ensuring dependable heating solutions when you need them most.

Airology excels in air conditioning repair and installation, offering a wide range of services to provide reliable cooling solutions for your comfort and peace of mind.

We handle a range of refrigerants and can diagnose and address issues such as cooling problems, compressor failures, and refrigerant leaks, ultimately ensuring the reliable operation of refrigeration equipment.

Our commercial HVAC services encompass both installation and repair, offering comprehensive solutions to meet your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.

Calgary loves Airology

"We had Justin come in to replace our old furnace that had a cracked heat exchanger. We got a few quotes and found that he didn’t try to up-sell us on something we didn’t need like some of the big Calgary brands. This ended up giving us a furnace that meets our needs at a good price. His workmanship is great. You can tell he cares about getting what’s best for you."

Jesse Bartlett

"I had an experience with one of the larger companies who misdiagnosed my the tune of $1700.00. I contacted Justin to see if he had that part in stock. After some discussion it was determined that there was nothing wrong with said part as I went to the furnace and low and behold it fired right up! Justin came to my home, did a service and cleaning for less than 10% of what my bill would have been with the other company. I highly recommend this company for any furnace needs knowing my bill will not be on to the plumbing issue which the other company will not see my money for. Justin suggested another small company which I feel will be every bit as awesome as Justin."

Angelina Dallinga

"I recently had an air conditioning installation done, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The team was incredibly professional and efficient throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the final installation, everything was handled with precision and care. It was wonderful to find someone we can trust. Thank you Justin for going above and beyond for us."

Samantha Thomas

Who are we?

Airology, a Calgary-based, family-owned business, specializes in Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning services, drawing from an impressive 19 years of industry experience. Our stellar reputation is backed by numerous five-star reviews, highlighting our comprehensive knowledge and top-notch skills.

The HVAC industry is a constantly evolving field, driven by advances in technology and a growing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. At Airology, we pride ourselves on our commitment to staying at the forefront of these industry changes. With years of experience and the most up to date trainingon todays best equipment, our team has earned a reputation as one of Calgary's leading HVAC companies. We excel in a wide range of heating and cooling solutions, ensuring that our customers' needs are met, whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial projects. While we are renowned as expert installers of heat pumps, our proficiency extends across various HVAC systems, including furnaces, air conditioners, and ventilation systems. Our dedication to continuous learning and innovation means that we consistently provide the best possible HVAC solutions for our valued clients. Our dedication to serving you extends around the clock, as we are available 24/7 for emergency repairs, ensuring that your comfort and peace of mind are never compromised.

When you choose Airology, you're choosing a company committed to excellence in the HVAC industry, offering top-notch service for all your heating and cooling needs.

Airology, a Calgary-based company with deep roots in the local community, specializes in Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning services, boasting an impressive 19 years of industry experience. Our sterling reputation is upheld by a multitude of five-star reviews, testifying to our extensive knowledge and expertise, which spans diverse settings, from large commercial and industrial installations to smaller residential projects encompassing Furnaces, Air-conditioners, and Heat pumps.

furnace repair near me
Payment plans furnace repair
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